About McNaught

An avid music lover, guitar player and 5th generation woodworker, Dave McNaught was born to build guitars. Raised in Cinti, Ohio, Dave McNaught began building guitars at the age of 10. Through years of trial and tribulation, which built an extensive knowledge base, Dave began to fabricate guitars for the general public.

In 1997 McNaught Guitars was born. With features that set the brand apart within the industry, McNaught Guitars raised the bar on custom builds. Exotic woods, finishes, inlays, hardware, etc… are a continual staple within the McNaught Guitar line.  The most notable trait is the McNaught trademarked “Set-Thru” neck, which adds unparalleled tone and clarity in comparison to industry standards.

“Within 18 years of being in business, we have catered to the requests and sounds of some of the music industry’s top players. We pull every resource we can into making them one-of-a-kind instruments that stand the test of time in looks and sound. That alone is a dream come true. I have the best job in the world!”